Black Glass Nail File and Pedicure Bar

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This two piece GERMANIKURE crystal glass set contains a pedicure bar and 5.5 inch nail file. Both pieces come in a fitted leather, suede, or cork case.

Pedicure Bar
Our crystal glass pedicure bar gently removes dead skin cells layer by layer without gouging. One side of the foot bar is formed in waves and ripples to add to the coarseness and more easily remove stubborn calluses. The opposite side makes a fine flat filing surface providing an excellent smoothing action for finishing toenails as well. 165mm (6.5 in) long and 5mm thick.

5.5 Inch Nail File
Glass nail files seal the edge of the nail with every stroke leaving a near polished nail edge. After filling with a crystal glass nail file and examined under a microscope, a freshly filled nail edge is smooth and snag free. 140mm (5.5 in) long and 3mm thick.


The texture is chemically etched directly into the block of thick glass and is impossible to wear off. The super fine, uniform surface is the healthiest choice for a nail. Without the danger of sharp, inconsistently glued abrasive crystals, our files do not cause microscopic frays and gouges. Instead they seal keratin nail layers with every stroke, promoting strong nail growth. Don't sand your nails, seal them.

Friendly reminder, they’re made of glass! All of our crystal glass is handcrafted in the Czech Republic from thick Bohemian glass, specially formulated and tempered against breaking, but they are still FRAGILE and require extra TLC, just like a favorite wine glass.

SELECT YOUR CASE: At checkout, select from:
- 100% genuine leather case.
- Soft and cushiony suede case.
- Natural cork case which is vegan and petroleum free.

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Black Glass Nail File and Pedicure Bar
Black Glass Nail File and Pedicure Bar
Black Glass Nail File and Pedicure Bar
Black Glass Nail File and Pedicure Bar
Black Glass Nail File and Pedicure Bar