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While some brands may obscure their origins with clever marketing, our tools proudly boast authentic craftsmanship

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Dismiss the notion that all manicure instruments are interchangeable; ours stand in a league of their own.

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Our tools are created by expert artisans in Solingen, Germany using high-quality steel, promising lifetime durability without contributing to landfill waste


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Committed to the planet, 
we opt for minimal, plastic-free packaging, reflecting our dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainable beauty practices


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Our promise extends beyond quality; we ensure ethical production by forgoing child labor, upholding a standard of integrity and respect in every product crafted.

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What if my glass product breaks?

We take every step to temper our glass against breaking, but just like any other glass product, they can break. Our warranty guarantees that the etched filing surface will never dull or wear off. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a warranty against glass breaking.


Where/How are your products made?

  • We import the hardest steel available from Sweden, then adult artisans hand assemble the products in Solingen, Germany. The Solingen mark is a sign of quality, regulated by law. For German brands, using the Solingen name on a product is a privilege which can be taken away if manufacturers do not ensure that their tool production adheres to very strict requirements. German made instruments are prized for the precision and attention to detail that European craftsmen are known for in general, and the masters in Solingen are esteemed for in particular. 

  • Our crystal glass files are handcrafted in the Czech Republic from thick Bohemian glass and specially formulated and tempered against breaking. All of our glass products are chemically etched directly into the thick glass - it is impossible to wear off. Chemical etching gently removes a portion of the surface of the file leaving behind random yet evenly placed rounded peaks.  

  • People are often surprised to learn that every single pair of our scissors is assembled by hand and every single screw is set with a screwdriver to ensure proper tension. Scissor blades are adjusted with a small hammer for precise shearing cuts. Every nipper is assembled by hand and sharpened with a file - not a grinder. Highly skilled handwork is required to make our products functionally superior and life lasting. We do not want to be in the business of selling replacements, so mass-production is simply not an option. 

What is the grit of your glass files?

  • When it comes to grit - this is typically a term that applies to emery board nail files. This is because grit refers to the coarseness of the grains glued to the board. You can have finer grains for more detailed finishing work or larger coarse grains to do more shaping work. 

  • With glass files, it does not quite translate. Our glass files are permanently etched. This means that the glass has been carved into, producing a perfectly uniform surface covered in tiny rounded bumps. The key to using them is all about how much pressure you use. If you apply more pressure or just keep filing, then it will work comparable to a coarse file and shape the nail. If you just want some finishing work, then it's just a quick file with a lighter touch and you have the result of a finer finishing gri

What file would you recommend for brittle nails?

Our glass files are highly recommended for people with brittle nails. When you use an emery board it leaves tiny tears in the nail surface which is not good for the health of your nails. It can actually contribute to them bring more brittle over time as the nail layers get pulled apart. With the glass nail files, they seal the surface of the nail as you file. This promotes healthy nail growth and you might find that over time they are less brittle. When you use them, you can feel the smooth, sealed surface of the nail. As we like to say - seal your nails, dont sand them.


Where can I get my product sharpened?

  • Sharpening is something that will need to happen from time to time for many products. At the moment the only sharpening service we are able to offer would be in Germany. For this to happen the cost of sending the product to our facility in Germany and back would have to be covered by the customer.  If this is an option you would like to consider please contact us and we can generate a shipping quote. 

  • Most customers find that they are able to find good options closer to home. There are many local and send away sharpening services that, being closer, cost much less. Doing a quick google search for “your location” and “your product sharpening” typically generates a few promising leads which you can then evaluate reviews and get price quotes. As this is something that will have to happen several times over the life of the nipper, it makes sense to have a relationship with someone local if possible. 

  • We also recommend  people reach out to local salons. As they typically have many tools to maintain, they often have a connection with local sharpening services.

How can I make a warranty claim and what is covered?

All Germanikure products are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. We guarantee all of our products are of the highest quality and are proud to stand by them. In the event that a product is found to be defective by Germanikure specialists, the product will be repaired or replaced at no cost. This guarantee extends for the life of the product. 

See full warranty here

If you believe your product is in need of repair or replacement as a result of a defect please contact us so a Germanikure specialist can evaluate your claim. In your correspondence, please include the product model number and a description of the issue as well as supporting images so that we can more quickly resolve your issue. 


Do you make scissors for left handed people?

There is no need to buy special scissors designed for left handed people. Both righties and lefties have difficulty cutting with their non-dominant hand. 

This video is something our team put together to help people learn how to successfully cut with their non-dominant hand:

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At Germanikure, we are pioneering a new ethos in the world of manicure craftsmanship. Born from the legendary steelwork tradition of Solingen, Germany, our tools are a testament to the change we strive to manifest. Each piece is a work of art, meticulously hand-sharpened by expert artisans, embodying excellence that endures a lifetime. We make a conscious choice to use minimal, eco-friendly packaging, firmly saying no to plastic and the culture of waste it represents. Our commitment to sustainability is matched by our dedication to ethical practices, ensuring that every product is free from the shadow of child labor. By choosing Germanikure, you're not just opting for superior quality that stands the test of time; you're joining a movement that cherishes our planet and champions the responsible, conscientious art of beauty.