We hear you loud and clear. We’re guilty. All our products are packed in natural leather cases and sleeves. We choose leather for our cases and sleeves because, honestly, we need a case for our tools that will last just as long as the tools do, which is a lifetime. Cases made from leather are strong, cushioning, and have a mild dehumidifying effect that helps protect the steel tools we place inside.

Balancing our longevous design with our ethics led us to use leather for our cases, but only the least amount possible. Our cases are designed without excess leather covering parts of the tool that don’t need protection such as handles or springs. In this way, we can fully utilize smaller leather scraps and keep them from ending up in a landfill.

We understand the concerns and ethical questions about using leather and we are always searching for durable leather alternatives. We have found a few interesting alternatives such as mushroom leather, cork, hemp, and canvas, but our tools are either too sharp and rip through the case, or the material is prohibitively expensive.

We want our cases to be just as longevous as the tools we make, but we need your help. It is said that a thousand eyes can see things that two eyes cannot. Therefore, a network consisting of thousands of caring individuals searching for the right durable case material will have better results than one small family-owned business possibly can. If you find (or maybe you already know of) a strong, biodegradable, petroleum and plastic-free material that you think might make a good case, drop us a line at earthfriendly@germanikure.com.