Creative people operate businesses with a distinctive “je ne sais quoi” that is anything but plain or generic. If this describes you and your business, then our generic product displays just won’t do your store justice. Don’t waste your money on them, and instead join the upcycling movement and create something worth sharing: something beautiful to match your unique personality and your store’s aesthetic. Repurpose something unusual and eye catching. Your upcycled display will not only draw attention but it will also become an interesting conversation opener and will lead to more sales.

While liking the idea of environmentally conscious choices feels good, it is the act of actually doing something about the problem that feels even better. The money and resources you save through upcycling your display will only serve to increase your bottom line, and the objects you saved from the landfill to upcycle into your display will attract attention. People like to share on social media and tell others about the interesting things they encounter, and your display will be no different. Upload an image of your creative display handiwork to your social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook and tag it with #germanikuredisplay, and we may just share it with everyone we know.

Creative opportunity
If you are a handy DIY craftsman, we’d like to offer you an opportunity to help other businesses. Sell your unique and beautiful handcrafted displays by making a listing on our business to business network. For more information contact us at: