No Child Labor

It doesn’t make the news, but the sharp truth is: the grooming tool
industry is heavily supported by child labor. It is well known that
Pakistan is a major producer of grooming tools sold in the U.S. The
child labor laws in Pakistan state that children under 14 years old
cannot work in factories or any job deemed hazardous, yet there are an
estimated 11 million child laborers in Pakistan alone under 14 years of
age, and most of these children are sitting on moldy floors, operating
heavy machinery, and performing hazardous jobs like grinding scissors,
polishing tools, or sharpening blades. While not every factory in
Pakistan operates under such questionable ethics, enough of them do to
warrant careful consideration.

No child labor is ever used in the manufacturing, packaging, or
distribution of GERMANIKURE products. We ask you to please carefully
consider the origins of your next tool purchase, and stop contributing
to this growing worldwide child labor problem.