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2018 Collection

Introducing our FINOX product line.


Not all scissors are the same. All GERmanikure scissors are hand-assembled with hand-hammered blades, then manually sharpened by Solingen artisans. Our unique beveled joint minimizes friction and reduces wear, providing a flawless, shearing cut. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, ours will likely be the last scissors you will ever need.

Cuticle Nippers

Cuticle nippers are a critical part of a quality manicure. Ours are made of the finest materials, remain sharp and flexible for decades, and are hand-made and hand-sharpened in Solingen, Germany. Ethically made and promoted, they have been featured in NAILS Magazine, and are used by some of the best manicurists in the world on some of the most famous hands.


Imagine never having to buy another nail clipper. With our special pin and post (no cheap hooks), Swedish hard steel, and Swiss made precision rivets, this is the last clipper you will ever need. And, the ergonomic, curvaceous design makes clipping a pleasure and not a chore.

Glass files

Can filing actually be healthy for your nails? Yes. Our crystal glass files, made of 3mm think bohemian glass, are chemically etched and seal your nails instead of chipping them. They are the healthiest choice for your nails. Use them wet or dry, in any direction. And, they are even motivational, with imprinted sayings to help make filing meditative. Heirloom quality, you'll likely never need another nail file.

Triple-cut file

To say these files are rare is an understatement. There is only one artisan remaining that can adjust the traditional grooving machine in Germany which produces these files. Why? Because most companies want to sell constant replacements, not lifetime files. Our triple cut file is aggressive, double sided with tri-directional grooves, rust proof and pretty much unbreakable.


Our multi-functional nissors (NIppers-sciSSORS) are truly arthritis-friendly. Allowing nails to be cut with either hand, the nissors are ergonomic and balance out hand stress. With short, super sharp blades, they are great for fingernails or toenails. Each nissor is hand-sharpened by Solingen artisans, with a beveled design that reduces friction and wear

Nаil nippers

These nippers are perfect for cutting thicker nails. Made from the same, super hard surgical steel as our trademark cuticle nippers, the nail nippers employ the same precision, and Solingen hand-assembly and hand-sharpening. Since they are fully sterilizable, they are great for professional use, and with just minimal, personal maintenance they will cut like new even decades later.


GERmanikure offers a tool for every part of your manicuring experience. Our cuticle pusher, with its rounded curved tip, is perfect for gently pressing back cuticles. The cuticle stick is the healthiest choice for cuticle care, made of glass to carefully exfoliate and clean up faulty nail polish and nail debris. And the gently curved shape of our Finox nail cleaner blends innovative design with modern hard steel, making it perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Manicure sets

GERmanikure sets are the perfect way for professionals, students, and enthusiasts to maintain necessary grooming tools in a protective, natural leather roll. Many of our pre-assembled kits have special introductory pricing. For those looking to personalize your own kits, you can customize a kit with just the specialized tools you need. And since the leather rolls are fully expandable, tools can be added to either custom or pre-assembled kits at anytime.


Don’t worry about squeezing our tweezers too hard. Unlike cheaper tweezers that gap the harder you squeeze, our precision manufacturing and super hard Finox steel will never gap, and actually strengthens the hold. We also use 6 different grinding operations to make our grip even more precise. Most other tweezers are ground with 2 or 3 processes. With grinding and sharpening done by hand in Solingen, Germany, you will never need another pair of tweezers.


All GERmanikure accessories are offered to provide simple, fast, ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable maintenance to ensure your tools remain sharp, effective, and operating smooth for your lifetime. Since we design and hand-assemble all of our cutting products, we pay special attention to features that reduce wear and friction, and that allow the simplest and least expensive maintenance to make them feel like new - even decades later.