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nail files

Patented technology glass nail files that never wear out: Feels soft, works hard. Our permanently textured files are sterilizable and tempered for durability.

Original files

Can filing actually be healthy for your nails? Yes. Our crystal glass files, made of 3mm think bohemian glass, are chemically etched and seal your nails instead of chipping them. They are the healthiest choice for your nails. Use them wet or dry, in any direction. And, they are even motivational, with imprinted sayings to help make filing meditative. Heirloom quality, you'll likely never need another nail file.

Mantra files

Life is all about choices. While we keep our glass nail files affordable, we also offer more than 100 different mantras which are sandblasted onto the handles that we think help make filing more meditational than a chore. If you think you might like to be reminded of something, or someone, while filing, we'd love for you to check out all the different sayings. You might just find a few that would make up a memorable personal collection.

Moon file

It won't take you long to master our new, moon-shaped glass nail file. In a matter of seconds, and a few quick swipes, you might wonder why all glass nail files aren't shaped this way. The unique, rounded shape ensures a perfectly rounded and sealed edge every time, and the new shorter and wider length adds durability and convenience. And, it will last a lifetime.

Cuticle stick

The healthiest choice for proper cuticle care. Made of the same glass and quality as our glass nail files, this tool exfoliates, pushes back cuticles, files, and and even cleans up polish mistakes and debris under the nail. Fully sterilizable for professionals, it can be used wet or dry and will last a lifetime.

Foot file

More and more people are learning about the health advantages of being on your feet more, from standing desks in the office, to increased walking and running. With our multi-use file, one side gently removes stubborn and often painful calluses, while the other side smoothes to leave your feet feeling clean and healthy. Our etched textures reduce the risk of cracking and peeling.

Baby files

Little fingers deserve a good manicure too. Our baby crystal file ensures that your little one learns the value of good tools and good grooming from the youngest age. Using the same strong tempered 3mm thick glass with permanent etching, we reduced the overall length and rounded the tip for safety. Unlike other files that create a draggy sensation, our file planes the nail edge down to silky smoothness with a minimum of strokes. It’s so gentle, filing won’t even wake the baby!

Pocket files

Do you like the length of our baby file, but also need the pointed tip of our full size file? Why not have the best of both worlds with our pocket size crystal glass file. Ideal for traveling or just to keep on hand in a pocket, glove box, desk drawer, or purse, our pocket size glass files don’t disappoint. We use the same 3mm thick tempered glass and permanently etch and shape them. Sterilizable, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, these files are the healthiest file on the go!