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and sleeves

Protect your heirloom investment

Protective pouches

Every tool we produce comes with a custom fitted natural leather pouch to protect it against any accidental nicks and scratches when the tools aren’t being used, no extra purchase needed.


naturally cushioning and dehumidifying, our natural leather wicks away any humidity in the air and prevents moisture accumulation on the tool surface.


We use only thick natural cowhide and strong cotton thread to create our pouches.


Made with just enough leather to protect your instrument from nicks or breakage, without excess.

Why leather?

We choose leather for our cases and sleeves because, honestly, we need a case for our tools that will last just as long as the tools do, which is a lifetime. We understand the concerns and ethical questions about using leather and….


We will never use plastic in our packaging, and here's why. The world produces 300 million tons of plastic every year, and only 10% of that is recycled. The rest ends up in landfills and oceans, leaking pollutants into the ground and water sources while taking centuries to decompose. Please join us in helping our world, one piece of plastic at a time.


Perhaps the best way to impact the world's waste problem is to buy everything unpacked. Until that time we use the bare minimum packaging of plain, hand - stamped kraft envelopes.

No phony smiles here. We value ethical practices and an ecologically sustainable future for our children far more than profit. We believe practices contrary to these ideals are repulsive and we utilize no child labor, no planned obsolescence, no factories that have reprehensible waste and which have no environmental conscience. The highest quality, longevous products can be affordable to regular fact, anything less is unaffordable.

With these tenets as the core of our business practice, we have created the finest precision made manicure products in Solingen, Germany..."the city of blades" - world renowned for its impeccable steel manufacturing. Meticulously engineered with pride, care and attention to detail by adult artisans, our unique designs prevent wear, so the same product can last your family for generations. Specifically designed to provide smooth cutting instead of crushing, trimming instead of ripping, and finite shaping instead of micro-tearing, our products provide you with the healthiest treatment for your nails.

Loving yourself is the first step to loving others. We are Germanikure. Welcome to our family.