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We believe in ethical production of goods, produced without child labor, obsolescence, pollution and waste. Our products are made to last forever and will not clog landfills. We use minimal packaging with no plastic.


Our scissors are even better than your grandma’s! Combining old-world German craftsmanship and hand-sharpening with the finest, modern steel carved on the latest CNC grinders. Just remember to keep them out of your carry-on luggage.


Allows for perfect curve adjustment, ensuring flawless shearing.


No machines. Every pair of scissors is assembled by hand for perfect tension.


Leather is a naturally cushioning material. Each scissor comes in a soft leather case which helps protect your scissors against nicks and scratches.


innovative, beveled joint minimizes friction for easier cuts and reduced wear. Open design allows for easy lubrication, and eliminates crevices where dirt and moisture can collect over time.


Every GERmanikure scissor is manually sharpened by Solingen artisans.


Tower Point scissors cut cuticles in the tiniest areas; Combination scissors provide nail and cuticle care; Baby scissors handle the most delicate nails; Cuticle scissors neatly cut cuticles and hangnails; and our smooth cutting Nail scissors minimize the need for filing.


our FINOX high carbon stainless steel stays sharp for decades and never rusts.

Sustainable Scissor Selection. It's not about tongue twisters, it's just our way of telling you that in addition to the variety of sizes and shapes, our scissors are also ethically made, environmentally sound, and will not end up in landfills.

Featured products

Superior steel, ergonomic design, and an anti-glare rust-free finish are just a few important features of our product line. Crafted ethically and without waste, we take the idea of good living beyond simply making good products. We craft our products with an eye to the future and a heritage in mind; not just in the tools you use and pass down, but also with an eye to the environment we will leave after us. All our factories produce our tools with a smaller carbon footprint and less waste than ever before and we are always looking for new innovative ways to make not just the tools better, but our world as well.

Clippers -

We craft our clippers from the finest Swedish high carbon stainless steel to make a cutting edge that will outlast the competition by decades. With a pin and post handle, ergonomic design and riveted assembly, our clippers truly exemplify German engineering at its finest.

cuticle nippers -

The longest lasting cuticle nippers on the market, our cuticle nippers are crafted of extra hard steel and available in three different head shapes. Our crush stoppers protect against over squeezing, while the easy to clean open beveled joint and friction free double spring make them an industry favorite.

Scissors -

Our scissors have ergonomically shaped finger loops, a friction reducing beveled joint and are available in five different blade shapes. The hand-adjusted torx screw ensures the perfect factory set tension, and the hand hammered blades are adjusted manually to provide the cleanest and most precise shearing cut.

Nissors -

The best of two worlds, we combined NIpper handles with sciSSORS blades to make this unique ambidextrous tool. The comfortable palm grip allows the full strength of your hand to be used for trimming. Unlike other scissors, these nissors work equally well in both right and left hand.

Bohemia crystal products

All of our glass products are hand shaped and inspected. The texture on these glass items is chemically etched using patented technology, not sprayed or sand-blasted onto the surface of the glass. This etching process ensures the texture is a permanent part of the file itself and will never wear out. After etching, each file is tempered for added strength and durability. Naturally anti-bacterial, our glass products may additionally be sterilized in an autoclave up to 170 degrees Celsius.

Moon file -

The unique ergonomic shape of our edging file is sturdy enough to carry in pocket or purse for touch-ups on the go. Simply insert your nail into the groove and sweep it through. The permanently etched texture in the groove will make quick work of any trimming or smoothing that needs to be done.

Glass files -

Our permanently textured glass files break the rules, but won’t break the bank. File either wet or dry, in all directions, without harming your nail. Choose from standard colors or browse over 100 different sandblasted mantras for the perfect saying, motivational phrase or personal message.

Glass stick -

This is a cuticle care game changer. Use the slanted end to gently press back cuticles and the pointed end to exfoliate cuticle tissue, file hangnails, or even smooth small calluses. Crafted of crystal glass that is gently and permanently textured, you’ll never buy (or discard) another orange stick again.

Pedicure bar -

5 mm thick, this sterilizable pedicure bar is strong and sturdy. The dual textured filing surface is permanently etched just like our nail files are, which means you can use this pedicure bar either wet or dry on both calluses and toenails.

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We will never use plastic in our packaging, and here's why. The world produces 300 million tons of plastic every year, and only 10% of that is recycled. The rest ends up in landfills and oceans, leaking pollutants into the ground and water sources while taking centuries to decompose. Please join us in helping our world, one piece of plastic at a time.


Perhaps the best way to impact the world's waste problem is to buy everything unpacked. Until that time we use the bare minimum packaging of plain, hand - stamped kraft envelopes.

No phony smiles here. We value ethical practices and an ecologically sustainable future for our children far more than profit. We believe practices contrary to these ideals are repulsive and we utilize no child labor, no planned obsolescence, no factories that have reprehensible waste and which have no environmental conscience. The highest quality, longevous products can be affordable to regular fact, anything less is unaffordable.

With these tenets as the core of our business practice, we have created the finest precision made manicure products in Solingen, Germany..."the city of blades" - world renowned for its impeccable steel manufacturing. Meticulously engineered with pride, care and attention to detail by adult artisans, our unique designs prevent wear, so the same product can last your family for generations. Specifically designed to provide smooth cutting instead of crushing, trimming instead of ripping, and finite shaping instead of micro-tearing, our products provide you with the healthiest treatment for your nails.

Loving yourself is the first step to loving others. We are Germanikure. Welcome to our family.